New Limited Edition Print - Keeper of the Earth Stone

Hey amazing people!
I just finished the illustration yesterday, and I thought it would make a really cool limited edition print. So here it is, I am only printing 25 on the beautiful 300 gsm Eggshell stock which is what we use for our premium print rage, it's not glossy and has a real nice feel and texture to it. 

July 2016 - Update!

I can't believe it is July already! Slow down 2016!

So apart from numerous shows and jobs this year AND settling into our new home in Tasmania we have been working away on our very own PATREON!

Patreon is a platform similar to kickstarter, except it's an ongoing monthly place where I get to give you exclusive content and you can support my efforts in creating art.
You can check out my Patreon page here, or alternatively you can watch this little video I whipped up. (Although, there are some cool changes coming to the level and rewards system!)

An example of the Digital Sketchbook monthly content reward for Level 2!

Level 3 also get some awesome speed video rewards.

My next convention appearance is coming up super fast aswell, I'll be attending Sugar City Con in Mackay, Queensland! I've never been this far north of the country so it should be quite interesting.

Sadly my partner in crime, Jamie; will be staying home this time and it will be my first convention without her basically running the show in almost 3 years! Apologies in advance if I'm a little slower than her at the table. ;)

Hmm what else..
I've been experimenting with my art quite a bit lately, trying different mediums like a brilliant travel watercolour kit which I am loving to death. I've also been steering my work into the fantasy genre lately. It's just where I need to be creatively right now, and I also have a few projects and business ideas in the works.

I'll pop back soon for a better update with some new work and samples of what we have on Patreon for you. :)

Thanks again for your continued support and interest in my art.

Kind Regards,


Official Re-launch!

Hey Guys!

We've finally had an overhaul here at with a new focus on showcasing Martins work to the world in an effort for some potential new clients to appreciate and take advantage of this young mans talent and to get his work out there in the mainstream!

The store is still here for everyone who is after our self published books and prints and also some more up to date and in depth info about Martin and his career in illustration.
So have a look around and be sure to let us know what you think of the new site!