The Art of Martin J. Abel



Martin Abel

I’m an artist living in Tasmania, Australia although I grew up in Melbourne and was born in the magical land of Wiltshire, England.
I’ve been drawing stuff for a living since 2003. Recently I’ve worked as a contract artist for Plaid Hat Games, creating hundreds of illustrations for the two player battling game; Crystal Clans.

I’ve done lots of different art jobs over the years, such as comic book covers for Aspen Comics and Zenescope Entertainment and editorial illustrations for magazines like Official Xbox Magazine, Ralph, Imagine FX Magazine and more.

I was previously represented by the agency The Jacky Winter group based in Melbourne and New York, which provided me with a wide range of clients in the field of commercial illustration for 7 years.

After doing all kinds of jobs over the span of my career..These days I really prefer to do my own thing.
I’m creating my own stories and working on my original ideas, which I bring to the public through Comic conventions and through my Patreon page and social medias.

Of course, if a commercial job comes along that is really AMAZING, (Like Crystal Clans!)
Then I’m usually happy to put my own projects aside and work on something awesome.

I’ve also ran my own kickstarter campaign for an artbook project, Nightmares and Visions back in 2015, which generated over 500 backers and became staff picked generating over $50,000. (most of which went into production costs!) Running a campaign of such a scale was full of extremely valuable learning experiences.

I’ve been a guest artist at many Supanova Pop Culture expos here in Australia, and would love the chance to be involved in other shows, talking on Panels, or sharing some of the things I’ve learnt over my career.

Currently, I’m focusing on some personal and commercial projects, while also working part time at Savage Interactive, the makers of Procreate - The iPads best art making app.

While I have been at this a while, I know I have so much more to achieve, learn and produce!

I’m excited to make things happen.

Thanks for visiting my website!



Fun Facts.
Likes: Coffee, Pizza, Sweet Red Wines, Mythology, Medieval and ancient History, Magik, The Supernatural and Ufology.