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New year, new logo!

New year, new logo!

Well, it is January already..
Which is a little crazy because time still seems to go so fast and I can’t seem to slow it down.

Anyway, I’ll be doing some freshening up around here as this place needed some updated info and a general tidy. Please be patient as I’ll be working on a new portfolio page to feature work that I feel reflects my current interests and art.

This may take a while as I need to format all the hundreds of crystal clans artwork so that it look good on the site.

Lots going on right now, with Patreon returning this month, an Artbook thats ALMOST print ready that will be going on to kickstarter ‘asap’ and I’m also creating characters and writing a story to hopefully self publish for this year.

Lots of goals, and like I said.. time seems to flutter by.. so I best get back to it!


Martin Abel