The Art of Martin J. Abel


I've often used video and small animation techniques to promote my work and books, below you will find a few videos showcasing my knowledge of After Effects and video production.


NIGHTMARES AND VISIONS - Kickstarter Video (2015)

In order to represent our kickstarter campaign, I decided we need a video that would capture the attention of the audience and that meant giving it my ALL.
The video itself was created over 2 weeks and many countless hours, it features a variety of 'puppet' style 2D animation that is subtle and very quick.. But converting my static illustrations and turning them into short living and breathing animations was an amazingly rewarding experience.

I've recently joined patreon, and like the kickstarter, a video is totally essential in showing the viewer what your goals are and visually breaking things down to explain a complex platform.

OMNIBUS - The Art of Martin Abel (book 1 : 2012)
My first official hardcover artbook was published by BRANDSTUDIO PRESS/ Trinquette publishing. The book itself was a collection of 10 years of pinup and client work. Every page was exploding with images so it was important to reflect that same visual style into the Promotional video itself.