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2018 and Beyond!

Well that is 2017 over with! What an insane amount of work I have done throughout the year!
Most of my work was for the Crystal Clans board game, where I have been creating all the artwork for this new table-top board game from Plaidhat Games.
It will be published worldwide, and was supposed to be released in October, but to my limited knowledge I think it was delayed so that it could be translated to other languages. 
It should be out in 2018 sometime, and I’ll update you all when I have any further info.


So after this week I’ll be wrapping up the 108th character card art illustration for Crystal Clans(like the illustration above), it has been an insane amount of work that has taken up basically all of 2017 and potentially even more of this new year.

As soon as I also get the all clear, I will post all of the artwork I have created so far. I am really looking forward to sharing it all with the world!
I also managed to do various covers this year for Aspen Comics, Udon Entertainment(thanks Jeff), and also contributed to the Mike Weiringo TELLOS Tribute books, where I illustrated 2 sequential pages for the tribute story. I’m sure I am forgetting heaps of things from this year, and while I’d like to knuckle down and give you a detailed list of 2017’s triumphs and trials - its just time to get on with the new year! I’m posting this on a whim, so I need to get back to work and finish this new clan artwork!
After this job is done, I will be focusing on what 2018’s goals will be in terms of publishing my own books and personal projects. I’ll check back in soon, when I have some solid plans to share with you all.
Once again, thanks for visiting my portfolio/rareblog website - don’t forget that I am most active on Instagram and facebook, and if you want to see me at any convention shows this year PLEASE let me know, but also let the convention organisers know too! 
Hope you all stay safe and have had a fantastic start to the new year,


Martin Abel

Martin Abel